We create slick and professional content for booze brands, bars and everything in between.

Spirited is a drinks industry focussed production company that helps brands and bars create killer content that supports marketing goals and helps them grow. We understand the content you need, we know how to create it and where to seed it so it performs.

Owned and run by industry professionals Hannah and Ceara, who have over 10 years combined experience in drinks production and creative media. It is also a partner of BarChick Media, a well-established brand, media network and global bar guide.


Owned by industry professionals

Hannah and Ceara, have over 10 years combined experience in drinks, production and creative media. We understand brands and bars, are experienced working with bartenders and most importantly love our industry.



LABELLED content

Everything we create is white labelled and fully owned by you – meaning you can use it as and where you like. PR and marketing – media partnerships - website – social media – hell even on the big screen.


Amplified through barchick’s channels

Looking for extra visibility and engagement? Hannah owns BarChick so let’s chat about your content being seeded across BarChick's media channels, with full advertising access and the opportunity for it to really fly.